Sui Generis Lex solutions is a paralegal firm offering legal services in the `non-reserved` legal sector. The services are rendered by legally qualified professionals with law degrees and relevant experience spanning decades in and outside England and Wales.

Some of our experts are working towards qualification as solicitors in England and Wales. Given the nature of the work we do, our experts have the relevant experience and knowledge to deliver a quality service to you at an affordable price. 

Statement on Nature of Services


This statement gives you an explanation on the status of Sui Generis Lex Solutions in the provision of legal services to you.
Please note that although the services will be rendered by someone with legal training, we do not purport to be, nor do we practice in the same way as solicitors or barristers.

As a result, we are not subject to the rules which regulate practising solicitors or barristers. This limits the services we can provide to you.
We can provide you with legal assistance (as a Litigation Friend) and represent you before certain Tribunals and in the Small Claims Court, but cannot exercise rights of audience in Court, meaning that we have no automatic right to represent you in any open court without the express permission of the court.

However, we are able to assist you and guide you through the court process and help you complete court documents.
We aim to provide you with an excellent service and if you have any concerns about what we do for you, please let us know and we will try to resolve the problem. But you should know that you would have only limited rights to complain about us to anyone else.

The Legal Ombudsman, which can adjudicate on complaints about poor service by practising barristers and solicitors, cannot consider any complaint against us, because our services are only paralegal and therefore, this is beyond their remit.

However, if we cannot resolve your concerns, we agree to submit to an independent alternative dispute resolution (ADR) body acceptable to both you and us for determination of any dispute which might arise. For full details on how this works, please see out terms and conditions of service.
We are also covered by professional indemnity insurance.