Coronavirus Claim?

The COVID-19 outbreak has had a devastating effect, not only to the public health but to the global economy on a massive scale. Businesses have closed or significantly scaled down operations. This has had a knock-on effect on contractual relations as companies have defaulted on delivery of contracted services. Affected transactions are both local and cross-border in nature. Booked flights, hotels, cruises and package holidays have been cancelled. Businesses are struggling to survive and come up with creative ways to deal with their obligations, mainly offering rebooking and credit vouchers in place of cash refunds. However, the affected individuals usually prefer cash refunds especially given the reduced earning capacity after most workers had to be furloughed.

Most of the claims are not big enough to take through the conventional court processes but all the same significant. These claims are ideally dealt with through alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. Have you been affected? We have special expertise in dealing with these kinds of claims. There are adequate local and European laws offering consumer protection and recourse. Submit your claim and let us help you recover what you are owed!