We are a paralegal services provider offering high quality legal assistance. We assist through non-reserved activity and specialise in small claims dispute resolution, consumer law disputes with special attention to local and UK-EU cross boarder claims, employment law internal disciplinary processes, flight disruption claims and new build homes defect disputes resolution.

Dispute Resolution

Our approach is to emphasize on resolution of disputes without resorting to court action. Given that our special focus is on smaller claims, it is economic and time efficient to resolve disputes without resort to the rigid and often long process that often entail litigation. Whenever possible, we advise and assist in claims mediation and submission to relevant Alternative Dispute Resolution bodies. 


If, however it becomes necessary to take a claim to court, we can help in completing the relevant court forms, guide you on the procedure and help you submit your claim either through the small claims court or the European Small Claims Procedure if applicable. This applies to both UK to UK disputes and EU cross boarder claims. 

We offer advice and help on various consumer law disputes ranging from non-conformity and other claims in sale of goods contracts to defective delivery and breach of contract claims in services.  

Employment Law Advice

The law provides on substantive rights and procedural matters in this field. It requires a bit of training and in-depth knowledge to fully understand the rights and procedures. Getting it right from the onset makes the difference between success and failure. We can offer you advice on various areas of employment law and help with drafting. We cover:

  • Internal disciplinary process
  • General Employee Support
  • Working time regulations, holiday and sickness
  • Health, safety and wellbeing
  • Discrimination, harassment and equality
  • Pay and wages/unlawful deductions

We specialise in assisting employees during the internal disciplinary process from investigation, hearing and appeals as well as grievance procedures making sure the process complies with the law and can help with the ACAS early conciliation process as well as completing Employment Tribunal forms.

Flight Disruption Claims

We specialise in Air Passenger Rights and can assist in recovery of compensation for flight disruption, from denied boarding, flight delays, flight cancellations, downgrading and baggage delays, damage or losses.

New Build Home Dispute Resolution

A home is often the most valuable asset the average individual will own in their lifetime. Significant resources are committed to the goal and process of acquisition in pecuniary and other forms. The last thing one expects to encounter are further problems. Unfortunately, quite often this happens.

What could go wrong?
The problems encountered range from reservation process and fee issues, inadequate pre-purchase information, the builder changing specifications, as well as delays in completion and handover. The home itself might be defective structurally, have other snagging issues or generally of poor finish. It might even be just that the builder fails to implement adequate complaints resolution systems and procedures making it difficult to resolve disputes. These issues could cause stress, inconvenience and loss of money.

Resolution process
Home buyers need a quick and affordable avenue to resolve disputes. This is an area which does not currently have an ombudsman scheme although government efforts are underway to introduce one soon. The available process is led by industry and involves codes of conduct. There are two main schemes, The Consumer Code for Home Builders and the Consumer Code for New Homes.
The procedure requires that the home buyer approaches the home builder for redress in the first instance. If the issue in dispute is a structural issue covered under defect warranty, then it may be escalated to the warranty provider. If falling outside their remit or if it remains unresolved, the dispute can be escalated to the Independent Dispute Resolution Schemes (IDRS) run under the codes through the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR). The IDRS is presided over by an independent adjudicator. If claim is proven, awards can be made for payment of money for proven losses or inconvenience and performance of work.
The scheme does not stop a disgruntled buyer from pursuing their rights in court if they are not satisfied by an outcome.

The code schemes run free advice helplines on how they operate and more detail on the code provisions.

When the New Homes Ombudsman comes into place, all new homes developers will be required to be part of the scheme also governed by a code of conduct.


How we can help 

Whilst it is possible to obtain a general understanding of your rights by reading the codes and calling the code scheme helplines, when it comes to presentation of your argument, expert help makes a huge difference. We can help you with more in-depth advice, contacting your builder or warranty provider with appropriately drafted letters, gathering the relevant evidence to support your claim and drafting written arguments/statement of evidence for submission to the IDRS.


 If you would like to discuss any of these issues in more detail, or have any other general queries or concerns that you feel we can assist with, you can contact us by completing the contact us form on our website or by email.


Business Services

We can offer advice to Home Builders and Developers who belong to Consumer Code Schemes on compliance of their systems and procedures with their relevant code. We can do a checklist of essential compliance aspects from reservation and pre-purchase, contract exchange and completion as well as after sales obligations.

We can also give preliminary advice on the imminent New Homes Ombudsman. The government will soon be introducing a law which requires all developers of new build homes and selling directly to consumers to join the New Homes Ombudsman redress scheme.